Rajiv Menon Contemporary

the past is a country

Exhibition by

Rajiv Menon Contemporary

May 15, 2024- June 3rd, 2024

Public opening May 15, 2024 

6-9 PM

3110 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles CA 90026u

This exhibition explores how artists from South Asia and its diasporas are transforming nostalgia into an aesthetic movement. Nostalgia can be a restrictive experience; longing for thepast can hold us back, binding us to the confines of tradition and leaving us fearful of change or innovation. But for artists emerging from the legacy of colonialism, migration, and cultural upheaval, the past is not a legacy to be exhumed, but an active space of feelings, inspiration, and creative potential. For artists from South Asia, Indo-Nostalgia emerges as a broad but cohesive set of aesthetic practices that speaks to a fractured, tumultuous moment. 


Rather than being limiting and backwards-facing, these artists experience nostalgia as a generative force. This emotional approach to the past is simultaneously melancholic and utopian, romantic and discerning. It provides both a lens on the present and a roadmap to the future.The Past Is a Country brings together some of the most exciting voices in contemporary South Asian and diasporic art, transforming hindsight into a creative revolution. The exhibition locates a powerful aesthetic school emerging from South Asia, and brings this globally-significant conversation to Los Angeles.